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7x5 playhouse 004 more gates and picket 004 IMG_20170427_091020 IMG_20161221_103835179_HDR


Our playhouses are all heavy duty built using 19mm Tongue and Groove

Below are a few examples of sizes, styles and prices

Please note we can build any size or style you may require.

All prices include assembly but delivery is extra.

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address when contacting us through our contact page.


Extras include picket fence and window flower boxes

6'x6' and 5' at the eaves with stable door........£280

more gates and picket 004

4'x4' and 4' at the eaves........£160

7x5 playhouse 004

7'x5' and 5' at the eaves......£320

IMG_20170427_091020 IMG_20161221_103820473

6'x5' and 5' at the eaves with overhang......£320

8'x6' and 5' at the eaves......£580